SINOPEC USA INC Chemical Product Specialis in HOUSTON, Texas

Review and evaluate composition identification test and qualitative/quantitative analysis report against product specifications of each batch (catalyst, additives and solvents) by collaborating with suppliers and local labs, report test results to suppliers with recommendation on product quantity, quality, composition, ratio and compatibility and follow up with the suppliers if any finding or issues need the supplier s attention for improvement; Work together with sales team to help potential customers or existing users to source and customize product with clients plant operation, manufacturing process and recycle needs and assist them to identify the best catalyst model and specifications, ideal reagent/catalyst ratio, operation conditions and product yield with best solution resolving their problems in usage, transportation or storage; Work together with supplier to monitor and predict the specification of desired products by using chemical manufacturing knowledge, coordinating with customer to ensure the manufacturing can meet customers expectation, work with supplier to adjust manufacturing process if necessary Support engineering, operation, procurement and sales team, on supplier and product sourcing, technical qualification assessment, transportation, storage and application according to the specific character of each petrochemical product. Analyze and compare data with BW database, SAP-ERP and financial side, coordinate all related parties to find issues, resolve them and make improvement accordingly, and generate detail reports to sync up with each party and management on regular basis to keep both supply, sales and operation side running smoothly. Knowledge and technologies involved in performing the job duties include product characterization and material composition test and analysis using knowledge of Astm-testing standard. Chemical manufacturing process knowledge, such as lubricant additives manufacturing, hydro-treating, hydro-cracking, EO-to-EG, desulfurization, delayed-coking and etc. as well as, knowledge of DCS control system and P&ID reading and analysis. Products data management by using SAP-ERP and BW database. Education/Experience: Master s degree in Chemical Engineering plus 6 month working experience in chemical process industry with knowledge of product characterization, and material composition test and analysis, Astm-testing standard, DCS control system, P&ID reading and analysis, and data management (SAP-ERP and BW system).